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pitchfork reviews reviews attends record label showcase and interviews tame impala lead singer about his pitchfork score and how much weed he smokes

hey so last night me and joe and angelica went to a modular records label showcase at this bar/venue in greenpoint, me and joe biked there and it was like 999 degrees and humid so by the time we got there my face was glistening with sweat, like beads of sweat were dripping off my nose and my hair was stuck to my forehead, and honestly it couldn’t have come at a worse time because the first thing i noticed when i got there was that the rest of the people there were like the 150 most attractive people in the music industry and sharply dressed and not even sweating at all, most of the girls were like 6’2” blondes and had just stepped off a beach in your dreams and joe said “yo even the sixes here are eights.” so we walked in and grabbed some complimentary red stripe lights and posted up in the most dimly-lit area in the whole place while my face dried off and i scanned the crowd to see if i could spot any of the members of tame impala (who i was trying to recognize from their pitchfork guest list thumbnail photo) so i could interview them but i guess they were all backstage…

so eventually the band came on and started playing, as my high school english teacher would say, they laid about eight thick slabs of sumptuous psychedelic rock upon the audience, all of which were met with a disinterest characteristic of people in the record industry. whenever the band hit a quieter instrumental part you could hear people talking over the music and also like three songs into the set the crowd was noticeably thinner. i guess if you have already gotten behind this band financially and it’s your job to listen to records and promote bands and go to shows and schmooze with other industry people like all day every day, you probably could give a fuck less about yet another label showcase and for that i can’t fault you

anyway so then after the show i went outside with joe and angelica, she smoked a cigarette and i concealed my beer and we took in the the warm summer evening air and i thought i saw one of the dudes from MGMT milling around, so we speculated as to whether it was him or not (spin magazine confirms it was him, apparently he also played bass on stage with them with his back to the audience the whole time like a true major label rock n roll renegade). and then at one point i turned around and found myself standing next to the drummer from tame impala who was deeply engaged in conversation with a chick who looked like clare danes and as much as i wanted to interrupt that to ask him about his pitchfork score, it would have been a total violation of that unspoken code between men you know? and he probably would have turned down the interview in frustration

so as i was waiting for their conversation to end so i could approach him with my interview pitch, the lead singer walked up behind them and i intercepted him!! i went up to him and mumbled “hey i write this blog about pitchfork and i was wondering if i could ask you a few questions about your pitchfork score and some other stuff” and it was pretty loud out there and i think he thought i said that i wrote FOR pitchfork which was a misconception i was not eager to correct. he said “yeah sure”

so i was like, “okay cool, so how is your life different since you got that Best New Music” and he paused for a while and said “well now we’re highly regarded indie rock legends” and then he paused again and said “make sure your readers understand the humor in that” and i laughed and said “yeah of course” and then i said, “do you read pitchfork?” and he said “occasionally.” then i was like, “is it as big a phenomenon in australia?” and he indicated he didn’t really know. i said, “who do you like better, dungen or wolfmother?” and he said dungen

at that point i sensed my interviewing momentum slowing and his eyes were darting around over my shoulder, probably scoping the pretty honeys that had turned out to see him be the lead singer of a rock band and that’s not an opportunity he was eager to waste, especially on some sweaty kid with a tumblr, so then i cut to the question i REALLY wanted to ask and was like, “so how much weed do you guys smoke?” and he looked startled for a second and sort of giggled and said “i’m not sure if i wanna answer that” and i was like “come on bro” and he said “okay fine, let’s just say if we go a day without one or two spliffs it’s a rare thing” and then i said something like “you don’t have to answer this, i know it’s tacky but i’m just genuinely curious, how much money do you guys make off your record deal?” and he told me that each member of the band gets $500 a week from the label, and no matter how many records they sell or if their songs are in cadillac commercials they don’t get any more money than that. so now you know how much money some indie bands that get best new music get

then we talked about his record for like three more minutes and he told me the story of how he dropped out of college, which was that literally he was in the car on the way to his last exam ever in college (he studied ASTRONOMY!!! how perfect for a psychedelic rocker right??? like practically speaking, what else could you even do with an astronomy degree beside play psychedelic rock, how many astronomers are there in the world total, like 600?) and he got the call from modular records that they wanted to sign his band! so he turned the car around and drove home and never took his final exam and dropped out of college. i told him i thought that was really rock and he laughed. man i really turned the charm on for that interview ;) i was pretty nervous to be in a Best New Presence but i hope i pulled it off. you should get their record, and pay for it if you can, the dude was honestly really nice, and listen to it on headphones, it’s real good. okay have a good day

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